Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Diehl-Merrill Racing Joins Forces with Mike Cope Racing in 2020

San Jose, CA (February 17, 2020)— What do you get when youcombine a winning road racer, a champion TA2® team and 40 years of auto racingexperience? A 2020 Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli TA2® championcontender. The name may have changed, but the winning combination remains thesame as Big Diehl Racing and Thomas Merrill Motorsports combine to form Diehl-MerrillRacing (DMR). To add fuel to this already hot duo, DMR joins the TA2® championteam of Mike Cope Racing for 2020 in hopes to create a true powerhouse.  

“The formation of Diehl-Merrill Racing creates a strongerteam foundation for 2020 and beyond,” explains team owner, Richard Diehl.“Thomas and I are looking forward to a competitive season in the best racingseries of its kind—and are happy to have teamed up with Mike Cope Racing fortechnical expertise and support. Mike {Cope} is a true professional and has awealth of knowledge to draw from.”

DMR will participate full time in the 2020 Trans Am TA2®series with their sights set on bringing home a championship for the newly formedDiehl-Merrill Racing and Mike Cope Racing. Merrill will pilot the familiar #81Ford Mustang with the continued support of Concept Part Solutions, as well asanother sponsor for 2020.

“In addition to our continued support from CPS, we’re also thrilledto partner with HP Tuners for 2020,” said Merrill. “This will really give us aleg up on getting the season done right, and the car will look great with theHP Tuners branding.”

DMR and MCR hope to pick up where they left off in 2019.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MCR for the 2020 Trans Amseason,” expressed an excited Merrill. “2019 could not have gone better for usand MCR with two wins in two races, and that bodes well for us as we go into2020.”

Mike Cope shares similar sentiments.

“It’s been a year since we’ve had the opportunity to run fora championship, and Mike Cope Racing is hungry,” said Cope. “We have a lethalcombination with Richard Diehl and Thomas Merrill and I’m excited for what’sahead. If the two races last year are any indication of what’s to come, then wehave definitely gotten some people’s attention.”

The 2020 season began with a very positive test session atSebring with Mike Cope Racing and the team is well prepared for the first roundof the Trans Am TA2® season.

“It will be a challenge. There are a lot of very quickdrivers and team in TA2® this year, but that is exactly why we chose Trans Am,”says Merrill. “We want to succeed against the best in Trans Am and I can’t waitto get started!”

And Merrill doesn’t have to wait long. The Trans Am Seriespresented by Pirelli TA2® season kicks off at Sebring February 27thto March 1st. Make sure to follow along as Diehl-Merrill Racing andthe Mike Cope Racing team battle it out with some of the best road racers inthe country at Sebring International Raceway.

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